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Western Firearms Company (WFC) is a Texas-based Class 3 business located just north of the Dallas/Fort Worth airport. Not only have we been dealing in machine guns for 30+ years, but our association with the weapons business in general stretches back to 1971. As specialists in Class 3 weapons and military weapons of all types, WFC boasts one of the largest inventories of collector-grade arms in the state of Texas. In reviewing our web page, you will note that many weapons are marked sold. As of late, the demand for NFA weapons has surged to the point that inbound weapons are typically sold before they are posted to the web site. If you are looking for a particular weapon, please email us your request and we will be happy to advise you when that type weapon comes into our inventory.

In 1986, the United States government banned the future importation and domestic manufacture of machine guns for civilian consumption, and the already limited inventory of Class 3 weapons has since diminished substantially. At a rate now more accelerated than ever, these weapons are ending up in the hands of collectors who have no intention of ever selling them. The effect is twofold: Class 3 arms are growing increasingly scarce, and their prices are rising accordingly. Further Federal bans in 1989 and 1994 relating to semiautomatic clones of military weapons have spurred similar trends in that arena as well. Thus, the price of a quality, collector-grade Class 3 or semiautomatic weapon has spiraled beyond the comprehension of the average buyer.

We have found, though, that high-end collectors' appetites for the best are rarely fulfilled, and it is to them that we cater. These people are often first-time owners whose efforts to find and acquire a particular arm of choice have been frustrated by their inability to locate that weapon or by a lack of information on what is involved in a legally- conducted Class 3 transfer. The images that you are viewing on the Web pages are photographs of the actual weapons, not representative examples. These will include right, left and detailed views in most cases. If you see something that interests you, please call us. WFC excels at finding whatever we do not already have, and we can make it yours "right and proper".

“All photographs and technical information on this web site is the sole property of Western Firearms Company, Grapevine, Texas. Written permission to reproduce, copy or reprint is required”.