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Thompson - 251011-1

A very nice 21A Colt. This weapon was one of the very few movie weapons in the *Stembridge arsenal that was left in the live fire mode. It was kept locked away and used on rare live fire sets only. Always tightly controlled for use on the movie sets. Never modified for blank fire ammunition. That probably speaks for the excellent condition it is in. Most of the movie set weapons were very abused over time. With the exception of the rear buttstock all components are Colt original. I left the stock on it VS replacing it with an original Colt stock because that is the way it left Stembridge. It looks like at one time the weapon’s fixed front sight was removed and replaced. I believe it was probably done to mark the front sight with the inventory number, “35”. This weapon came with a Bridgeport WWII 20 round magazine. Research is currently being conducted to reveal which movies it was used in.


Ownership history as follows:

Detective Publishing Company, Chicago, Illinois, March 18, 1927

Forwarded to Sheriff E.M. Stubblefield, Macoupin County Sheriff’s Office, Carlinville, Illinois

Federal Laboratories, Pennsylvania, July 24, 1943

James S. Stembridge, Stembridge Gun Rentals, Los Angeles, California, Form 1 Registration, July 29, 1943, (note that this weapon was left in the “live fire mode”) Gangster movie credits pending

John W. Engel, Engel Ballistics Research, Smithville, Texas 1999

Nick Tilotta, Western Firearms Company, Grapevine, Texas June 2, 2005

Model:   1921A
Origin: New York, USA
Manufacturer: Colt Patent Firearms
Circa: 1921
Caliber: .45 cal
Magazine: 20 or 30 Round Box Magazines, 50 Round or 100 Round Drums
Condition: Very Good to Excellent
Accessories: One Original 20rd Box Magazine
NFA Status: Transferable
Inventory No. Colt #5172
Serial No. 5172
Cash Price: Call
Status: In Stock