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Thompson - 951204-1

This is probably the nicest 21AC in my inventory. A low 4 digit serial numbered, very high percentage weapon that is 100% correct. Even the original Remington wood is super nice. Rarely will you see a previously police department owned weapon in this condition. It was probably locked away in a safe and rarely saw the light of day. It was originally property of the Saint Joseph Police Department and has had only a couple of owners since then. Somewhere down the line, someone custom made a front sight protector and installed it on the weapon. My guess is that it was done by the police department. I have never seen anything like it and suspect that it was crafted very early on by a professional gunsmith. It simply clips over the front sight for protection. Here is your chance to own a minty 21AC, if you have been looking.

Ownership history as follows:

Saint Joseph Police Department, Saint Joseph, Missouri, January 24, 1931

John H. Willard Collection, Hudson, Illinois, 1991

Nick Tilotta, Western Firearms Company, Grapevine, Texas October 26, 1995

Model:   1921AC
Origin: New York, USA
Manufacturer: Colt Patent Firearms
Circa: 1922
Caliber: .45 cal
Magazine: 20 or 30 Round Box Magazines, 50 Round or 100 Round Drums
Condition: Excellent+
Accessories: One Original 20 Round Box Magazine
NFA Status: Transferable
Inventory No. Colt #2450
Serial No. 2450
Cash Price: Sale Pending