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Thompson - 110618-1

This original 1921AC Colt Thompson, SN# 5979 has a stunning amount of history attached to it. This weapon was originally shipped to Captain Thomas R. Hickman, Company B of the Texas Rangers when it was based in Fort Worth Texas on May 10, 1929. Hickman had quite an interesting history as a Texas Ranger and worked with several very famous Texas Rangers. Captain Frank Hamer and Lone Wolf Gonzaullas, who was one of his sargents. Hickman was a Texas Ranger from 1919 until 1935.

This weapon seems to have traversed most of the United States but still is in excellent plus condition. It is presented in an original hard case with a 3 digit serial numbered "L" drum and four patent dated 20 round magazines. The weapon still retains all of it's original Colt Patent Firearms parts. Note that this weapon is engraved "MCSO". It is a complete mystery at this time as to how this weapon got from the Texas Rangers to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Department. Historical research continues on this weapon.

Ownership history as follows:

Captain Thomas R. Hickman, Texas Rangers, Fort Worth, Texas, May 10, 1929

Maricopa County Sheriff's Department, Phoenix, Arizona

Jay Curtis Earl, Phoenix, Arizona, October 23, 1973

Martin L. Adams, Louisville, Kentucky, December 4, 1973

R.J. Perry & Associates, Park Ridge, Illinois

William H. Bauer, Port Lavaca, Texas, June 19, 1980

Stanley B. Heckrodt, Port Lavaca, Texas, March 12, 1981

Curtis B. Fitzpatrick, Austin, Texas, July 7, 1989

Nick Tilotta, Western Firearms Company, Grapevine, Texas, June 3, 2011

Model:   1921AC w/ Hardcase
Origin: New York, USA
Manufacturer: Colt Patent Firearms
Circa: 1922
Caliber: .45 cal
Magazine: 20 round
Condition: Excellent
Accessories: One 20 Round Box Magazine
NFA Status: Transferable
Inventory No. Colt #5979
Serial No. 5979
Cash Price: Not For Sale