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Thompson - 970103-1

This early production model 1921A Colt Thompson has a quite a history. It was shipped from Auto Ordnance Corporation in July of 1922 to Petmecky Company in Austin, Texas. Petmecky based in Austin Texas was a well know weapon supplier to the Texas Rangers. Somehow (research continues) this weapon made its way to the Texas Rangers where it stayed in service until it was sold at a Texas Department of Public Safety auction in May of 1984. During its service life with the Texas Rangers it was carried by many but just recently during a research mission I discovered that it was last carried by now retired Texas Ranger Joe Davis Jr. of Company "F". Davis served as a Texas Ranger from 1969 until 1993 and is now working as Treasurer for the Former Texas Ranger Association, Texas Ranger Heritage Center located in Fredericksburg Texas.

This 1921A Thompson has seen heavy use as a former law enforcement weapon but still retains about 80% of the original finish. It its original factory barrel was replaced at some time with another factory Colt Thompson barrel off weapon #4777. Although it has seen heavy Ranger use, it still retains it's original internal components and original wood. For weapon of its age, the Remington manufactured wood is in excellent shape. The weapon appears to have been mounted in a rack or fixture of some type in the past. Some famous Texas Rangers were known to have carried Thompson Machine Guns in special swivel mounts located in their vehicles during the 1930's.

Ownership history as follows:

Petmecky Company, Austin Texas July 12, 1922

Texas Rangers, until 1984

Dr. Lyle Gage, Bluefield West VA., May 1984

Ralph Hopkins, Southlake Texas, 1996

Nick Tilotta, Western Firearms Company, Jan. 3, 1997

Model:   1921A w/ Hardcase
Origin: New York, USA
Manufacturer: Colt Patent Firearms
Circa: 1921
Caliber: .45 cal
Magazine: 20 or 30 Round Box Magazine, 50 Round or 100 Round Drum
Condition: Fair to Good
Accessories: One 20 Round Box Magazine
NFA Status: Transferable
Inventory No. Colt #1462
Serial No. 1462
Cash Price: Not For Sale