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Thompson - 210919-3

A super rare 1st generation Commercial Savage Thompson. This is what I believe to be the rarest version of all Thompson sub-machine guns. These Thompson's were the 1st weapons to be produced after the original Colt Thompson inventory was exhausted, circa 1939 / 1940. Manufactured by Savage Arms with a New York, NY. address like the original Colt weapons VS the Bridgeport Ct. address that came about shortly thereafter. In addition to the New York, NY. address, the left side of the receiver retained the same patent date markings as the later model Colt Thompson's in the serial number range 14500 to 15040. Nickle plated bolt, finely checked cocking knob and selector switches, etc., the wood appears to be from Colt era surplus, however the butt stock is not marked with the upside down anchor mark. It has an original Savage marked barrel without an alignment mark to match the one on the side of the receiver. I surmise that it is the way it left the factory. The overall finish is more of a phosphate coating VS the original deep blue Colt finish. Very few of these weapons have ever been seen in this serial number range. To my knowledge, only a hand full still exist. Most were sold to the British early in WWII and very likely did not survive.

Note that there are two weapons in this serial number range on my web page. They both both came into my possession many years ago from a Sheriff’s department in South Texas. They came as a pair and will be sold as a pair if possible (discounted if bought as a pair). The weapons came in handmade wooden cases with two 20 round box magazines. I added the boxes of WWII .45 caliber M1911 ammunition over time.

These are completely unmolested original condition 1st generation Savage "Commercial" weapons. More details on the rarity of this weapon are available on this web site:

Model:   1928
Origin: New York, NY.
Manufacturer: Savage / Auto Ordnance Corporation
Circa: 1939 / 1940
Caliber: .45 Caliber
Magazine: 20, 30, Round Box Magazine, 50 & 100 Round Drum
Condition: Excellent
Accessories: Two 20 Round Magazine, 50 Rounds Ammuntion, Hardcase
NFA Status: Transferable
Inventory No. 210919-3
Serial No. S1874x
Cash Price: SOLD
Status: In Stock