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Thompson - 960603-3

This may be one of the rarest Thompson's ever produced. A full auto .22 caliber weapon, new in the box with a curved 30 round magazine, a box magazine with a .22 caliber insert, the magazine adapter, and a 50 round, .22 caliber factory "L" drum. As Thompson's go, Auto Ordnance only produced a hand full of .22 caliber full auto weapons. About 100 of the original 282 produced still exist, if my research is correct.

See this link: (

The .22 caliber weapons were very troublesome and many were traded in for .45 versions as it became more cost effective to replace them VS repairing them.

This weapon would be the exception to the rule. It was the very last .22 caliber Thompson (or .45 cal.) to leave the Auto Ordnance factory in West Hurley New York. The transferable registered receiver part of the weapon was found in the tool room and was hand built to exacting specification by the machine shop foreman (Roger). It was hand fitted, test fired and shipped to Western Firearms Company in June of 1996. After a few weeks passed, the factory contacted me to say that they had found some very select walnut wood and that if I would return the wood shipped with the weapon, they would replace it no charge. It has remained in my inventory since that time, unfired in the original shipping box.

Model:   1928 (.22 cal.)
Origin: USA, West Hurley, New York
Manufacturer: Auto Ordnance Corporation
Circa: 1981
Caliber: .22 Caliber
Magazine: 30 Round Magazines, 50 Round Drum Magazine
Condition: New In Box
Accessories: Two 30 Round Magazines, Mag Adaptor, 50 Round Drum
NFA Status: Transferable
Inventory No. 960603-3
Serial No. 22xTF
Cash Price: SOLD