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Thompson - 231222-1

This is a nice example of a Lend-Lease 1928 Savage Thompson sub-machine gun. Some of the Lend Lease Thompson's were actually marked "Tommy Gun" on the top of the receiver. This one is not. The barrel is marked with foot-pound test characters. Looks to be the original barrel marked with "S" for Savage. British armor inspection marks are on the top of the receiver, on the side of the barrel where the alignment marks are, on top of the actuator, visible through the top cocking slot and on the side of the receiver behind the ejector. Note that this weapon has the early Colt Thompson ejector. I believe that the pivot plate is Colt as well. The "GEG" (US) inspector marks are there and the finish looks to be original. It has more of a flat dull black finish than the typical military phosphate finish. Wood is nice and probably original. The side of the receiver is marked MODEL 1928 Vs the markings on an original US Military Thompson, which would say "US MODEL 1928A1". The selectors are checkered, as well as the actuator knob, and the internals are nickel-plated. I would put the overall condition in the 97% to 98% range.

Model:   1928A1 Lend Lease
Origin: Bridgeport, CT., U.S.A.
Manufacturer: Auto Ordnance Corporation
Circa: WWII
Caliber: .45 Caliber
Magazine: 20, 30 Round, 50 Round & 100 Round Drum Magazine
Condition: Excellent
Accessories: One 30 Round Magazine
NFA Status: Transferable
Inventory No. 231222-1
Serial No. S9778x
Cash Price: SOLD