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Thompson - 200918-1

A rare " US Property " marked M1A1 Thompson. Probably arsenal reworked at one time. Wood is excellent. Overall finish is very good, with a some very light pitting in a place or two. Barrel has been internally threaded to accept a blank firing attachment, but does not effect the function of the weapon with live ammunition. Only 15% of the M1 Thompsons manufactured were marked with the " US Property " mark and very few made there way to the civilian marketplace.

Model:   M1A1
Origin: US Military
Manufacturer: Auto Ordnance Corporation
Circa: WWII
Caliber: .45 Caliber
Magazine: 30 round ( 20 rd pictured )
Condition: Very Good
Accessories: None
NFA Status: Transferable
Inventory No. 200918-1
Serial No. 72031x
Cash Price: SOLD