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Stoner - 270615-1

Even rarer than the 63A Stoner is its predecessor, a factory Cadillac Gage 63 Stoner. To my knowledge, there are only 25 weapons known to exist in the transferable state. There are no dealer samples that I know of. This weapon can be set up in two configurations, the original rifle set up and the original left hand belt fed light machine gun configuration. It will be supplied with all of the components displayed in the 1st jpeg, including an original 63 bipod not shown in that jpeg. When these jpeg's were taken, that bipod was not available and I used the 63A bipod off my personal weapon. I have taken quite a few jpeg's and tried to show as many details as possible, even down to the electrical tape that someone put on the feed tray to keep it from being scratched if fired. With the exception of a few light scratches on the butt stocks, this weapon is in excellent condition. It is very important to note that this is an original Cadillac Gage weapon, not a Knight Armament weapon. The weapon has quite a history and was purchased by a police department in the East after the race riots of the 1960's. Provenience will be passed on to the buyer.

If time permits, I will try to provide more detailed jpeg’s for those pursuing educational information for themselves or their web sites.

Model:   63 System
Origin: Warren, Michigan USA
Manufacturer: Cadillac Gage Company
Circa: 1960's / 1970's
Caliber: .223 Caliber
Magazine: 30 Round, Belt Fed
Condition: Excellent
Accessories: See Photos and Text
NFA Status: Transferable
Inventory No. 270615-1
Serial No. 00140x
Cash Price: SOLD