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Steyr Solothurn

Steyr Solothurn - 990331-21

MP34 Machine Pistol, the “Rolls Royce of Machine Guns”. Named so because production cost was extremely high due to the fact that is was manufactured from only the finest materials and held to the highest machining standards. This weapon was manufactured in Austria by Waffenfabrik Steyr for the German Government. It was manufactured in Austria to circumvent the restrictions placed on certain armaments forbidden to the Germans by the 1919 Treaty of Versailles.

This is a selective fire, open bolt weapon that uses a blowback design. An unusual feature is incorporated into the magazine well that allows the operator to insert an empty magazine into the underside of the well so that stripper clips may be used to charge the magazine. Caliber is 9mm. All of the serial numbers that I can see match, except the bolt. That includes the wooden stock. The stock is marked with the serial number of the weapon, as well as the emblem of the Nazi Germany Eagle with Swastika. Note the eagle’s head faces to the left, denoting the Nazi Party symbol. I was told by a German weapon collector, that the “L” stamped next to the emblem on the stock indicated it was issued to the German Luftwaffe Police. The Waffen mark code is WaA623. Overall the weapon finish is in excellent condition for its age. The sling on the weapon is the sling that came with it when I purchased it many years ago. It is not original IMHO. This weapon came from Dr. Lyle Gage, who ran with the famous Thompson Sub-Machine Gun collector, Roger Cox of the Law Enforcement Ordnance Company. This is the only MP34 that has ever come through my books, as they are quite rare.

Model:   MP34
Origin: Austria
Manufacturer: Waffenfabrik Steyr
Circa: 1930's
Caliber: 9mm
Magazine: 20 and 32 Round
Condition: Very Good to Excellent
Accessories: One 32 Round Magazine, Sling
NFA Status: Transferable
Inventory No. 990331-21
Serial No. 307x
Cash Price: SOLD