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Steyr Solothurn

Steyr Solothurn - MG29

A very rare, German model MP34 / MP35i. Circa 1930. Open bolt 9mm. Unusual bolt action / blowback design, allows selective fire, via a two stage trigger system. A new SN# is engraved on the bottom of the receiver, along with the name "Ed Parker". All of the other serial numbers that I can see match, including the one on the wood stock. The form 3 shows the model number as MP34, but the weapon says MP35i. The letters "JD" have been lightly cut into left rear side of the stock. The overall finish is mixture of patina and some original blue. A small crack on the original stock, just behind the receiver, as you can see in the jpeg below. This weapon was a popular with the German Waffen SS troops. I test fired this weapon and it runs very smoothly. Comes with one 32 round magazine and the original sling. On a form 3 in Texas.

Model:   MP34 / MP35i
Origin: Erfurt Germany
Manufacturer: German Gov't
Circa: 1930's
Caliber: 9mm
Magazine: 24 and 32 Round
Condition: Good
Accessories: One 32 Round Magazine, Sling
NFA Status: Transferable
Inventory No. 240412-1
Serial No. 397x
Cash Price: SOLD