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MP43/MP44 - TF220115-1

Nice example of WWII MP44. The 1st true " Assault Rifle" . Wood is in very good shape and the weapon retains most of the original finish. A fairly rare weapon. Unusual, because there are no manufacturer codes on the weapon, however, all the serial numbers match. Some local German weapons collectors note that some of these rifles were built by hand for German snipers and they were unmarked. However, I have no documentation to support this in my files.

Model:   MP44
Origin: German Government
Manufacturer: Unknown, All Matching, But No Manufacturing Code
Circa: 1944
Caliber: 7.92 Kurz
Magazine: 30 Round Box Magazine
Condition: Mid 90%, except foregrip
Accessories: Five Magazines
NFA Status: Transferable
Inventory No. TF220115-1
Serial No. 7991
Cash Price: SOLD