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MG42 - 200608-8

Nice example of an original Curio and Relic German MG42 machine gun. This is a collectors grade weapon and would be an excellent addition to any collection. If you have been holding out for something nice, this is your chance. I sold this weapon back in early 2000 and it is up for sale until Wednesday noon, 11-24-2005. The local seller has decided to use the funding for another investment. After that, the weapon will be pulled from the market. The original manufacturing code on the side of the receiver is "ar", identifying the WWII manufacturer as Mauser Werke AG, Berlin, Borsigwalde, Eichbordamm. The stock is dated "44". This weapon came in a collection of 8 MG42's that I bought in 1999. It was one of the top two available in the collection. Don't miss you chance to own this piece of history. This weapon is on a form 4 in Texas.

Model:   MG42
Origin: German Government
Manufacturer: Mauser Werke AG, Berlin, Borsigwalde, Eichbordamm
Circa: 1942
Caliber: 8mm
Magazine: Belt Fed
Condition: 98% to 99%
Accessories: Bipod, 50 round metal link belt
NFA Status: Transferable
Inventory No. 200608-8
Serial No. 747xc
Cash Price: SOLD