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MG34 - BC241008-1

A very nice transferable C&R MG34 with accessories. All serial numbers match. Overall condition is excellent. Manufacturing code is "dot", Waffenwerke Brunn AG, Brno, Czechoslovakia. 1944 date. This is a collector grade weapon with a lot of nice original accessories: Lafette 34 tripod with original pads MG z 34 scope assembly w/reticule illuminator lamp and carry can AA extention frame Periscope assembly for the MG Z 34 Single barrel protector with extra barrel Dust cover All carry straps Belt filling machine A2 Gurttrommels (baskets)in carrying frame Extra ammo belts Some spare parts This weapon is on a form 4 in Texas. Jpeg is representative example only.

Model:   MG34
Origin: Germany
Manufacturer: Waffenwerke Brunn AG, Brno, Czechoslovakia
Circa: 1944
Caliber: 8mm
Magazine: Belt Fed
Condition: Excellent
Accessories: See Description
NFA Status: Transferable
Inventory No. BC241008-1
Serial No. 872xe
Cash Price: SOLD