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MG34 - MG6

An amnesty registered MG34, manufactured in Czechoslovakia, 1941. This weapon was acquired by the previous owner in 1962 and registered on a form 4467, during the 1968 Amnesty Act. Overall the weapon is pretty nice and all serial number match, except for the bolt, which is to be expected. All parts are "Waffen" marked, the wood is nice and a high percentage of the original bluing remains. There is an area in front of the receiver trunion that looks to have been repaired for some reason, leaving a bright metal finish as you can see in the jpeg below. To my knowledge, the weapon is not a torch cut rewat. It is original and the BATF form 4 reflects the same. There is some splotching on the receiver trunion, as well as a few places on the barrel jacket. In comparison to most MG34's that I have seen, this is a jewel. The price of the weapon above includes an original "period" German tripod, which is in very good condition. Paint is fair and the canvas back pads are in excellent condition. Also quite rare for an original tripod. This weapon is a very smooth shooting MG34 with nice extras.

Model:   MG34
Origin: German Government
Manufacturer: Waffenwerke Brunn AG, Brno, Czechoslovakia,
Circa: WWII
Caliber: 8mm
Magazine: Belt Fed
Condition: Very Good
Accessories: Original WWII Tripod, One 50 Round Belt, One Belt Basket
NFA Status: Transferable
Inventory No. MG6
Serial No. 1742
Cash Price: SOLD