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Maxim - MG-4

Another excellent example of the MG08 German Machine Gun, complete with the original sledge and optics. This weapon is also in very good condition for it's age. It looks as if all the external serial numbers are matching, except for the fusee link cover. The original bluing is about 95%, but the paint (green) on the barrel jacket is pretty scuffed up. The wood grips are in very good shape, as well as the optics. However, they are a little hazy from age. The weapon comes with an original sledge, optics, spare barrel, spare locks, tools, etc.. The sledge looks as if someone has repainted it. As this weapon system (Maschinengewehr-Gerat 08) is quite complex, I am attaching a more than the usual quantity of jpeg's. This is a nice package.

Model:   MG08
Origin: Berlin, Germany
Manufacturer: Spandau Arsenal
Circa: 1900
Caliber: 7.92mm
Magazine: Belt Fed
Condition: Very Good
Accessories: Original Sledge, Spare Barrel, Spare Locks, Optics
NFA Status: Transferable
Inventory No. MG-4
Serial No. 790xd
Cash Price: SOLD