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M3 - 260118-20

After 26 years of chasing NFA weapons, this is the only M3A1 Grease Gun that I have found that has not been arsenal refurbished or refinished in any way. As you can see by the jpegs, the finish is somewhat patina, but it is all original. Very few M3A1 Grease Guns were registered in comparison to the number of M3's registered. The weapon’s providence is well known. In addition to this, the buyer will receive the copy of the BATF form 4 transferring the weapon from the original (Amnesty) owner to the 1st buyer. It was found hidden behind the foam on the top cover of the briefcase it came in. This leather briefcase was used by the original owner for storing the weapon with two 30 round magazines. This weapon is listed on the NFA Registry as a C&R Amnesty Registered weapon. Quite a WWII collector’s piece. This weapon is on a form 4 in South Carolina with a very reputable person. I will put buyer and seller together.

Model:   M3A1
Origin: US
Manufacturer: General Motors Corporation, US Guide Lamp Division
Circa: Circa 1944
Caliber: .45
Magazine: 30 round
Condition: Excellent
Accessories: Two 30rd Magazines, Briefcase
NFA Status: Transferable
Inventory No. 260118-20
Serial No. 63877X
Cash Price: SOLD