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M2 Carbine

M2 Carbine - 131108-1

This is a really nice Winchester M2 carbine that was Amnesty Registered in on a form 4467 in November of 1968. It is a factory Winchester M2 carbine on the NFA Registry, however it is still marked M1. This is a registered receiver weapon from the factory, not a sear converted weapon. Overall it looks pretty clean and sports the original "W" marked Winchester barrel. The stock looks original as well and has a scratch where the original sling rubbed against it all these years. Supplied with the sling and oiler shown in the jpeg. Buyer will receive a copy of the original Amnesty Registration paperwork.

Model:   M1 / M2
Origin: U.S.A.
Manufacturer: Winchester
Circa: 1942
Caliber: .30 Caliber
Magazine: 15 and 30 Round
Condition: Very Good
Accessories: One Magazine
NFA Status: Transferable
Inventory No. 131108-1
Serial No. 127780x
Cash Price: SOLD