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M16 - 961101-1

A very rare prototype Colt Model 01 by manufactured Armalite. It is believed to be an experimental "tool room" model, used in the early days of development and the only know example that I have ever observed. This weapon incorporates one of the first examples of Eugene Stoner's "bolt closure device", specifically developed for the U.S. Army. This particular bolt closure device is one of the first examples that uses a single locking latching device on the left side of the charging handle, VS the dual grip experimental device shown in Ezell's, The Black Rifle book, page 127. The weapon has a chromed plated, un-notched bolt carrier assembly, chrome plated bolt head, chrome plated firing pin, an early type 3 pronged flash hider and prototype green furniture. The barrel is marked with a horizontal “M”, in the area just behind the bayonet lug on the right side of the barrel. The chrome bolt head is marked “MP”. The green butt stock has a black hard rubber butt plate. This very rare example of the Model 01 is accompanied by a pair of original "waffle pattern" type 20 round magazines. The receiver is not marked "US Property”. I have placed as many detailed jpegs as possible on my web page, but have exceeded is capacity to accept more. If you would like to have more detail information, scholars or interested parties may email me direct. I would be happy to provide you with additional jpegs.

Model:   Model 01
Origin: USA
Manufacturer: Armalite / Colt
Circa: 1963
Caliber: .223 Caliber
Magazine: 20 Round Waffle Magazine
Condition: Mint
Accessories: 2 Magazines, Original Rubberized Pouch
NFA Status: Transferable
Inventory No. 961101-1
Serial No. 01304x
Cash Price: SOLD