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M16 - 261216-3

A very nice Colt factory M16A2 carbine with a factory Colt M4 upper. A pretty rare find these days, especially with the factory shipping box. It looks to be unfired, but I can't tell for sure, so I will represent it as in mint condition. I would suspect that the original factory upper was replaced with the latest issue Colt M4 upper, steeped for the M203 grenade launcher. It has the collapsible rear stock, M4 ribbed handguards, correct upper (Colt marked), A2 flash hider, and A2 brass deflector. Although the weapon is marked safe-semi-burst, the previous owner also installed a 4 position selector that allows the operator the have the full auto function as well as the safe-semi-burst modes. A real cherry if you want the latest and greatest. Shown with a 20 round magazine, but shipped with a 30 round magazine and the factory shipping box. Note that the box and internal sleeve is somewhat tattered, but it is original.

Model:   M16A2 Carbine
Origin: USA
Manufacturer: Colt Firearms Division
Circa: 1980
Caliber: .223 Caliber
Magazine: 20, 30 Round or 100 Round Beta Mag
Condition: Mint to New
Accessories: One 30 Round Magazine, Factory Box
NFA Status: Transferable
Inventory No. 261216-3
Serial No. 800427x
Cash Price: SOLD