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M16 - 260515-12

A very early and rare Colt AR15 (M16) marked "XM16E1". In addition to being a very rare weapon, it has somewhat of an interesting past. The story that I got from the seller was that this weapon was Amnesty registered in 1968 by an individual serving in the US Coast Guard. The mere fact that it was his duty weapon seemed to be lost somewhere in his thought pattern. Pretty righteous thinking on his part IMHO, as they would have taken the torch to it later anyway. It seems that when he left the service, the weapon had to be surrendered to him as it was then listed on the NFA Registry as his personal property. In any case, it is mine to legally offer for sale now. It is marked "Colt AR15, Property Of US Govt. XM16E1". The XM16E1 noted that it is an experimental model of the M16A1. The fact that it is an uncut M16 marked “US Property” makes it quite rare indeed. It is all original factory weapon with a 20" barrel, open flash hider, smooth hand guards, early type butt stock without the trap door provision, tear drop forward assist and original issue green sling. The bottom OD of the barrel is stamped “12”. I assume that this notes a 1 in 12 twist rate in the barrel. Overall condition is pretty good. A nice collectors piece for sure.

Model:   XM16E1
Origin: USA
Manufacturer: Colt Patent Fire Arms Mfg. Co.
Circa: 1960
Caliber: .223 Caliber
Magazine: 20, 30, 100 Round Beta Magazine
Condition: Very Good
Accessories: 30 Round Magazine
NFA Status: Transferable
Inventory No. 260515-12
Serial No. 51487x
Cash Price: SOLD