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HK MP5 - SW290725-1

Want something special? Here it is. A transferable Heckler & Koch MP5 in the S&W .40 caliber. This registered receiver 9mm weapon was originally manufactured by Fleming Firearms before the 1986 machine gun ban, but recently converted to .40 S&W by Urbach Precision Manufacturing. It is identical to the factory HK MP5 / 40 caliber sub-machine gun in every respect. It was manufactured to BATFE specifications by taking a registered receiver MP5 in 9mm, removing all of the 9mm components and professionally installing H&K factory MP5 / 40 components. The .40 caliber MP5 weapons were introduced after the May 1986 machine gun ban, thus making this a very rare transferable weapon. It sports a bolt release mechanism, combat magazine release, an A2 factory stock, a factory "Navy Seal Team” type 3 lug and Metric 14.5 x 1 left hand threaded barrel. This "Navy" barrel allows the operator to use a quick attach 3 lug type or threaded suppressor. This rare push pin .40 caliber weapon is also outfitted with a "Navy" ambidextrous factory trigger pack. On a form 4 in Texas

Model:   MP5 .40 Caliber
Origin: Germany / USA
Manufacturer: Fleming Firearms / Urbach Precision Mfg.
Circa: Pre-1986
Caliber: .40 Cal
Magazine: 30 Round
Condition: New
Accessories: 30 Round Magazine
NFA Status: Transferable
Inventory No. SW290725-1
Serial No. 475x
Cash Price: SOLD