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How to Own Class III Weapons
Payment Policies


Listed below is our policy regarding state laws restricting the sale of certain firearms, magazines, ammunition, and accessories. It is your responsibility to be or become familiar and abide with your state laws. We do not ship, sell, or offer for sale any weapons, magazines or ammunition to anyone in the following states:






In Colorado. The sale of high capacity magazine are restricted.

In addition, all weapons, magazines, ammunition, and accessories are not for sale in any state, district or territory where the receipt, possession, sale or use of any such items is prohibited.


Our prices are based on full payment up front. Full payment is due when you receive the forms required to transfer the weapon to you or your corporation. While these forms are being processed, the weapon will be removed from the market. There typically is a sizeable sum of money involved in NFA weapon transactions and this is where a reputable Class 3 dealer will stand out. If you commit to a weapon or weapons, verbally or otherwise, it will be our intent to take your word as a contractual agreement. Make sure that when you commit to us, that you understand that you are agreeing to purchase these weapons. Any deviation from your commitment will be considered breach of contract. While it will typically not be our intent to pursue you legally, it certainly will land you in the "Penalty Box" on our web page. After many years in business, we still feel that a personís word is as good as gold. Any deviation from your agreement with us will not be taken lightly and your name will added to our "Penalty Box". There will be no exceptions to this rule. Weapons purchased from us will be held, unfired, untouched, in a secure, central alarmed vault. Feel free to contact us for references or check them anywhere.

Once the approved forms are returned from the BATF, you will be notified. If your purchase is to be shipped to another dealer, we require that a signed copy of his / her FFL and SOT be on file. We also required that you authorize the shipment to them in writing. A phone number will be required for both you and your dealer. This is required for the Fed-X shipping label and to keep you informed. A "minimum" restocking charge of 25% will be assessed on any weapon purchase that is reversed. Prices "DO NOT" include freight or insurance. This is your responsibility. Be advised that most shippers do not honor weapon claims, unless they were properly insured and shipped overnight. Customers who transfer weapons into our inventory will be subject to transfer and storage fees that will be determined before said transfer takes place. Any customer weapon left in our inventory over 1 year from the date of receipt by Western Firearms Company, will be sold for storage charges and handling fees.

If you have questions, please call. We do not charge for packing and usually hand carry shipments to the Dallas / Fort Worth Airport Fed-X office in person. It is our intention to be as fair as possible to everyone. We do not accept credit card charges on NFA weapons.