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Custom Ammunition - 5.56 Ultra Stealth Match - SOLD OUT

This is the most quiet and accurate 5.56 x 45mm "sub-sonic" round on the market, with a mil spec MIL-STD-1474C reading of 117dB when used in conjunction with the Gemtech M4-QD suppressor and an M4 Carbine. (reference: Paulson 1997 Silencer Trials, Report BR-71). Other attributes: it is more accurate than M855 ammunition at 50 meters. Tumbles within 2-3" on soft tissue, producing a large wound channel. It does not use fillers which tend to clog suppressors. The ammunition intentionally does not cycle the action, for the ultimate in quiet shooting. 63-gr. Sierra Match moly-coated projectile.

Warning! Do not fire any sub-sonic rifle caliber ammunition in H&K firearms or any firearm which has a fluted chamber. This type of chamber prevents cartridge case obturation, allowing, allowing propellant gasses to escape out of the breech, and possibly sticking a projectile in the bore. Subsequent firing with a bore so obstructed can cause serious injury or death.

Model:   5.56 Ultra Stealth Match
Manufacturer: Engel Ballistic Research, Inc., USA - SOLD OUT
Caliber: 5.56mm
Bullet Weight: 63-grain
Quantity: 500 Rounds Per Case, 10 Boxes of 50 Rounds
Pricing: Sold Out