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Custom Ammunition - 7.62 Thumper (TM) - SOLD OUT

This high performance, 180 grain "sub-sonic" .308 is built entirely from premium, match grade components and is manufactured to strict tolerances. Combines excellent (MOA) accuracy with maximum payload. Free of harmful fillers. Ballistic match +/- 1" at 100 yards to 7.62 PBS (depending on platform). Shipping weight is 28#'s per case of 500. Proof of age required on all purchases. 21 years minimum.

Warning! Do not fire any sub-sonic rifle caliber ammunition in H&K firearms or any firearm which has a fluted chamber. This type of chamber prevents cartridge case obturation, allowing, allowing propellant gasses to escape out of the breech, and possibly sticking a projectile in the bore. Subsequent firing with a bore so obstructed can cause serious injury or death.

Model:   7.62 Thumper (TM)
Manufacturer: Engel Ballistic Research, Inc., USA - SOLD OUT
Caliber: 7.62 x 51mm / .308 Caliber
Bullet Weight: 180-grain
Quantity: 500 Rounds Per Case, 25 Boxes of 20 Rounds
Pricing: SOLD OUT