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How to Own Class III Weapons
Out of State Transfers




Effective 1-1-2013, We no longer transfer directly to individuals, corporations, or family trust, unless you have an active Texas Concealed Handgun License. We are happy to assist you in locating a qualified dealer in your area to receive your weapon, if you do not. In addition, we offer free of charge assistance to your dealer, guidance in the proper execution of the federal paperwork required to transfer the weapon to you.


Effective 3-11-2013

Out of state transfer fees: In the past, it has been my hard fast rule to not offer out of state transfers for many reasons. The main reason being that there is so much theft and deception on the Internet, first time buyers do not know what they are doing and are usually taken advantage of. The second is that I had often found myself competing with my own company. I have recently decided to offer them again under the following guidelines. There will be no exceptions to the rules.

1). I will not bring in any NFA weapon that I have on the shelf, in stock.

2). There are some dealers / people that I refuse to do business with. After 30 years in the business, I know who they are and there is a reason that I refuse to conduct business with them. A wise person would take note.

3). Transfer fees are due before I submit the required forms to the BATFE.

Transfer fees are as follows:

1st time buyers, $300 per weapon* with a Texas concealed hand gun license, $350 without.

Repetitive customers, $200 per weapon* with a Texas concealed hand gun license, $250 without.

* This fee is for a typical weapon. MP5 sub-gun, silencer, M16, etc. It does not include belt fed weapons, tripods, ammo, destructive devices, etc. Call for those fees.

There are no fees or charges for transferring a weapon(s) to you that I have in stock. The only fee required is the $200 FET required by BATFE.

Transfer fees include receiving the weapon into my inventory. It will include execution of the all of the Federal paperwork required to transfer it to your personal name or your corporation on a form 4. It will include all mailing fees, etc. It will include one phone call notifying you that your weapon has been received. That phone call will include consulting you in how to correctly execute your paperwork / forms / fingerprint cards, etc. It will also include detailed written instructions and photocopy examples of the information required to execute the forms. When the forms are returned to me from you, it will include the cost to review the forms and the cost of mailing them to the BATFE for processing. Fees will include personal notification of the arrival of your approved forms and the scheduling of an appointment for you to receive the weapon during weekday business hours.

It will not include a personal visit for you to inspect and play with and shoot what you purchased. It will not include multiple telephone calls wanting to know the status of your transfer. I will contact you immediately upon receipt of your approved form 4ís. It will not include weekend (Saturday & Sunday) appointments to receive your weapon. It will not include the fee I charge for individuals who cannot show up on time. It will not include answering 10 phone calls from their cell phone for people who cannot find my premises because they are too lazy to look at a map and are late for their appointment. It will not include the cost of correcting any forms that are improperly executed because you refuse to read the detailed instructions that I have sent you with your forms. I have no problem with you calling to get clarification on something that you do not understand. It will not include dealing with any discrepancies, problems or other issues from the out of state seller. It will not include the service of dealing with your gun buddies, your family, kids, etc. when you arrive to accept your weapons. Come alone and be on time. All wives are welcome. No children period. Do not ask.

It is my goal to provide each one of you with the best personal customer service that I can. That seems to be something that is non-existent in most businesses these days. It is my intention to keep it alive and well in mine. Wasting my time keeps me from providing that service to those that have come to expect it. It is not my intention to answer a plethora of stupid questions because you subconsciously think that I have stolen your money, donít trust me or the BATFE. If that is the case, please move on down the road. It should dawn on most that I could not have stayed in the business for 30 years doing such. However, some feel the need to test the waters. Transfers to individual usually run about 90 days after the BATFE cashes your $200 check. Corporate transfers usually run about 60 days. Over the last few months, I have seen that time period increase because of the political change in our country (2011). The activity level is very intense. All I can offer my customers is personal service and what I have in inventory.